Wrestling - It's not this.

(That's Entertainment Wrestling.)

It's this.  (Real Wrestling.)



Positional Dominance

Top Guy - Winning

Bottom Guy - Not Winning

Now imagine... what if the fight starts here!

Even educated fleas do it.

"Hi.  I'm Mike Tyson and even I broke my hand in a street fight.  I can see why people instinctively wrestle."

"Awww but Muuuum.  We're only playing."

“I swear it upon Zeus an outstanding runner cannot be the equal of an average wrestler.”

Wrestling - It’s Not WWE


Hey there,


Though you’re reading this, my guess is that you’re not entirely sure what "wrestling" is.


You’ll probably think of it as spandex clad men backflipping off the top rope and dropping The People’s Elbow - but that’s "entertainment wrestling".  That's sports entertainment.


The wrestling we do focuses on the sport, not on the entertainment (think “judo without the pyjamas") and it's a real skill that's really useful, and that's incredible for fitness, fun, self-defence and mma.



What is Wrestling?


It's Man-Chucking


To us, “wrestling” is that bit in a fight when you're standing up, you grab onto your opponent and you try to get him to the ground.


If you’re sensitively disrupting his balance and elegantly tripping, picking or throwing him over... you're wrestling.  And if you're just grabbing hold of him and mindlessly, aggressively shaking him till he falls ... you’re still wrestling.


Even if no-one ever goes to the ground, wears spandex or knows a single cool move... it's wrestling. When two boxers clinch... that’s wrestling. When kids try to throw each other in a puddle... that's wrestling. And when a thug or victim gets all confused and grabs the other... that too is wrestling.


But of course we do all that in a technical, skillful and wonderful way.


It's Man-Chucking v2.1


But there’s more.  It’s also that bit where you make sure your opponent can’t take you down to the ground.  We call that "staying up".


And it’s also that bit where he’s got you down already and you’re doing your damnedest to get back up again - that bit's called "getting up".


And in our style of wrestling you win when you get your opponent flat on his back and keep him there.


So in summary, wrestling consists of four skills:


1) Getting him down.

2) Keeping him down.

3) Staying up.

4) and getting back up if you're down.






Why you should wrestle...
It's Effective


Skillful wrestling allows you to dictate the fight.  You decide if it goes to the ground, you decide if it stays standing.  You've got the power.


Think of it this way: if you can throw your opponent down and keep him down,

a) you’re clearly more in control of his body than he is. Winning!

b) you are now in a better position than he is. Bi-Winning!


By better position I mean that unlike when you’re both standing, you're now above him - you now have gravity on your team.  It’s 2-on-1.  It’s You & Gravity vs The Bad Guy.  That’s not an even fight - it's you winning.


And what a fantastic place to start dealing with your opponent that would be.


Secondly, the ability to make sure you're not the guy on the ground is a huuuge advantage. If you prefer to stay standing - maybe for escaping muggers, perhaps you like to box, perhaps you walk on a lot of wet floors - wrestling will help ensure you can and you do.


So in terms of self-defence/winning fights/mma/mopping floors, wrestling is vital.


Wrestling is tough.


Maybe even TOUGH!!


Wrestling is perhaps the most physically demanding sport around.  When I read that last sentence a few years ago, I thought, “yeah right, I’ve done X, Y and Z, don’t worry about me... I’m hardcore, I know tough”  But sure enough wrestling is indeed the most physically demanding sport I've ever done.


You see, when you try to move a grown man’s body to somewhere he doesn’t want it to be, you will both use energy in ways you can only try to imagine now.


In fact, even if he's pretty relaxed and gives you chances, the act of moving a big human-shaped object around is still very physical indeed.


Wrestling will test (and by god it’ll improve) your cardio, your strength, your stamina, your power, your will to go on... and it’ll do it all at once.


I'd say the vast majority of muscle I have (and I'm quite a big fella) has come from wrestling - so if you like the idea of being a big fella like yer eld da, Wull, wrestling's for you.


You'll strengthen those legs of yours, you'll build those shoulders, and you'll work the stability of that core. Oh yes by god you will.


"My legs are sooo tired" you'll say. And that's because you're getting them strong.



Wrestling is Manly


But by “tough” I don’t just mean it’s physically demanding - though it definitely is.  


I also mean it’s “manly”.  (And yet still great for girls :).


There’s something about the heart, the commitment, the intensity of wrestling that will make you different.  There’s something about you being able to own your opponent’s will that just oozes studliness.  Manliness.  Sheer Alpha Male dominance. Pheromones will whoosh from your body at every turn.  Girls will amble up to you in supermarkets and coyly ask what cologne you're wearing - to which you'll of course reply, "none, my dear lady. I'm just manly".


And not only will you reply, but you’ll reply like a hero.


And she will giggle.


That's wrestling.



Wrestling is Nature's way of kicking ass


Wrestling is the baseline, most natural, most instinctive way for the human body to fight - so you might as well learn to do it well.


When little children first rumble, they start off wrestling - they wouldn't even think to throw a high kick or a punch. That's because - like for cats, dogs, bears and all the other animals you see play-fighting as pups - there is a natural/instinctive way for our bodies to fight that maximises the control of our opponent while minimising the risk to ourselves.


In fact, it's so natural that even after years of training at striking arts, most people start wrestling the second the shit hits the fan (just try stopping a losing boxer from clinching) - your body knows how useful and sensbile it is to do it.


Of course, it may be natural but you're probably not naturally good at it because - unlike the wise bear parent - your human parent probably shouted, "Behave!" and stopped you learning your essential, foundation wrestling skills as a nipper.




So come wrestle now. It's as natural as learning to walk and if you haven't learned it yet, you're missing half your human-ness.




Wrestling is for BJJ, for MMA and for the Heart of a Warrior


In BJJ you want a dominant top position to gain an instant advantage to get that submission; and because in wrestling we encourage you to man up, grow some balls and keep on fighting till you’re there, you’ll get better at BJJ.


Just because you're on your hands and knees and he's standing above you, that's no reason to cower or sprawl out like a scaredy cat and think you can't take him down.  Instead keep going...  Attack attack attack.


We do this for a couple of reasons.  The first is because, really, if someone's just thrown you to the ground, the last thing you want to get into the habit of thinking is, "well, that's it.  He's won".  How's that going to help you in a gang rape situation?


Also, we don’t encourage players to immediately start playing their jiu jitsu game when they are thrown.  Too many BJJ practitioners are too damn happy lying on their backs – just because they’re skilled and fairly safe there – but they forget that the best position to be is always going to be the top position.  So get up.  Get on top.  And win.


So why train wrestling at Cross Combat?


... quite simply, because we wrestle

So in wrestling you are primarily after just two things: a successful throw/takedown and a perception of control thereafter.


And so that's the simple emphasis of our wrestling classes - you will learn to get your opponent to the ground and keep them there.  You will throw them, trip them, grab their legs, pick them up and drop them.  You will learn many, many ways to get them down.  Crazy moves from far and wide.  Quick moves that bore the crowds.  Effective moves that make the game one-sided.  Fun moves that make him thinking “dammit”.


And once they are down, you will learn to control them, keep them there and maintain a dominant fighting position.  And, if you’re the guy who’s down, you’ll learn to get up.


And if you can control a man like that, you’re only ten pence away from adding in your mma strikes or BJJ submissions.  It’s like we make sure this wrestling lark is actually useful for you.


You won’t consider a stumble a fall, or a fall to be the end of it all, or a time for a breakfall.  Instead it’ll be a time to practice the arts of staying up and getting up.


We are No.1


Of course it’s an indisputable FACT that we’re the best in the area.  Fact.  But we do have the small advantage of being the only club that wrestles.

And you’re right.  If we’re the only club to teach such a great sport, surely that does prove our overall greatness.


But even if it wasn’t for that, we’d still be the best.  But why?


We’re Crazily, crazily technical


With such a physical sport, it’s easy to get caught up in the physicality of it all and end up with two grunting men squeezing onto each other but moving nowhere.  But not us.  You will learn to be very technical, to use more technique and leverage and sensitivity and balance while still wrestling like a hero.  This will help you go on.


So when other heros are wheezing and gasping in the corner, you’ll still be standing asking calmly, “one more?”


... Because unlike most clubs we will get you good at wrestling.  All of it.  All four bits.


In a real fight - or when you’re wrasslin’ with your friends in a park - you don’t care about points, onlookers, the olympic committee, or how impressive your moves look to the millions at home... you just want to be effective.


Sadly, for various reasons, most wrestling styles have limited themselves in various ways.  Sometimes techniques are removed, sometimes aspects of the actual strategy are removed.


In terms of technique... in Greco Roman, you’re not allowed to grab your opponent's legs; whereas in freestyle, you can.  And in judo you can grab them only in certain situations and only after you’ve done certain things.  How restrictive!


And in judo, no matter how softly you land on the mat or how quickly you get up, if you’re thrown onto your back it’s considered a knockout and you lose.  In Sumo, if you take too many steps and they push you out of the ring... you lose.  And in t’ai chi competitions you lose if you take just one step.


That’s like winning if you kick the ankle in a striking sport.  Sure it’s wrestling, but it’s only a fraction of it.  (At CC, you get the whole lot...)  And you didn’t “own” your opponent you just borrowed their balance for a bit.


When you learn wrestling at Cross Combat, you will be able to control a man’s body entirely... not for a moment, not for a step or two.  It’s about total control, total domination, total p0wnage.  And you’ll learn *all* that at Cross Combat.


We don’t teach you to give up just because you’ve hit the ground a bit.  You will learn to bounce back up, to defend yourself and get yourself back into a position of awesome.  Yup, that’s better for self-defence, but’s also a better attitude for life!


We’re the one stop, non-stop, all day fight stop.


It’s like judo without the pyjamas.  And then some...







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Come try your judo, t’ai chi, bagua, Japanese jiu jitsu... see if it works.

Learn to make it work.