Women are Fantastic

You’re a women and you’re interested in training at Cross Combat. This is fantastic and I will tell you why shortly.



I know you don’t want a man’s opinion of why you should train. You want the truth from a women’s perspective.  So first let me tell you that this page was written by a woman just like you.



Stop running on the spot and start going somewhere


Do you honestly get excited by the idea of 20 minutes on the treadmill or cross trainer, or lifting up dumbells and putting them back down again? Does your gym workout have you laughing, smiling, thrilling in every moment? I doubt it. If you do that’s great but continue reading.


You may enjoy your gym workout (if you have one, that is) but I’m willing to bet you have greater unrealised potential in terms of joy, development of new skills and physical fitness.


It makes perfect sense to me if you admit to me now that you’re bored out of your skull with the monotonous, repetitive nature of gym workouts.


If you could say to me now that you struggle to maintain the motivation to go to the gym and that when you finally do it’s only because it’s good for you and you lack any real passion for the experience. I am telling you now, I totally empathise.



Given the choice would you rather...


Aimlessly jog on the spot by yourself for twenty minutes (that's a treadmill by the way!). Possessing all the passion of that old mutt the pensioner drags out every morn for a once round the park.




Do you want to be like a puppy in the park, let off the leash, thrilling in every moment, every experience and every interaction? At Cross Combat you can have a fantastic time whilst developing invaluable skills through games and fun with fantastic people who will have you grinning all the way to exceptional fitness and martial arts excellence.


Do you want to have fun and make friends as you train?


Have you ever played twister or any other party games? Everyone joins in the hilarity of the situation. The right games bring people together don’t they?


Have you ever encountered the awkward silence of a party where no-one knows each other? You all stand around straight faced and stoically asking each other the scripted obligatory questions such as “so what do you do?” or “Having a good time?”  Phff you're not really having fun are you?  


But if a few games of twister are introduced, in no time at all you’re all laughing, chatting, playing together with the gleeful camaraderie of play mates in the playground.

Cross Combat is like those successful parties with the twister and great atmosphere. This is the best analogy I can think of to describe to you the atmosphere at Cross Combat.  


I have met and made friends with many amazing people at Cross Combat. People with a joy for life, people who can bring fun to any situation. You are welcomed by everyone with a smile and a cheery “hello” as soon as you arrive. Members and instructors treat training like play. There is no ego or aggression, just a constant communal drive for fun, happiness and the joy of learning, keeping fit and growing together.


Do you want to be fitter, slimmer, and in the best shape you have ever been?


Cross Combat is a weights and cardio programme rolled into one. Sessions are between 1 and 4 hrs long depending on your level of keen and what sessions you attend. An hour will easily provide you with all the cardio you need as the fast-paced, full-body workouts will easily burn up to 1,000 calories an hour.


Every session is made up of partner work with helpful partner who realistically provide resistance. This will not only get you skilled but also doubles as a weights session.


Perfect! You’re having fun and getting the workout you need to be fitter, stronger and slimmer all at the same time.


Do you want to excel in martial arts?


I’ve trained in various martial arts since I was 16 and I can honestly say without doubt that Cross Combat has given me a level of support, experiences and community I have not received anywhere else in any area of my life.


At Cross Combat you will be treated with respect and care.  However high you set your goals you will receive as much support as you need to attain them.


When you train at Cross Combat you’re not patronised. The level you wish to perform at is the level to which you will be challenged.


After training for about 5 months I was able to out kickbox, out wrestle and out grapple strong, heavy guys (some as heavy as100kg). I’m just 63kg and not especially strong. I learned to use my superior speed, strategy and technique to win.


Without the support and the superior training methods (create link) employed at Cross Combat I could not have achieved this.


Do you want to be challenged at the perfect level of toughness?


Having been to many different martial arts clubs, I have noticed that in most of them guys are strangely digital in the way they train with you.


Some guys are so terrified of hurting you that they train so lightly and hesitantly that you never get the challenge you need to really meet your potential or the satisfaction and excitement of a good game. This means you miss out on all the fun, you don’t develop at the rate your truely capable and it’s just very boring. You might as well go back to the treadmill. Other guys suddenly flip into an all-out, no-holds- barred, frenzy that leaves you ruffled, confused and possibly hurt. This just isn’t what you're after.


You're after a something very different. Cross Combat is very different. When you train with us all you need to do is tell your partner your style and they will train with you at your desired toughness level. Is this special treatment for the girls? Nope this is the basic standard. It’s a principle. It’s the way the guys train together too. Training like this is the optimal way to learn and have a good time. We stretch ourselves but we keep our limbs and our partners' limbs safe.


Do you want to be a cool cat when the pressures on?

It’s a tragedy that when women think of martial arts they don’t tend to think of relaxation. They think of tension, adrenaline, pressure, you're on the edge, its them or me. Yoga is the only way to get that serene sense of traquility, right? Everything melts away, you're in the moment and nothing else matters.


Well yoga is fantastic and is a great partner for martial arts but there are certain things you can’t get just doing yoga. It doesn’t offer the full inner glow. It’s easy to be relaxed in a yoga class where the whole environment is tuned for relaxation, it’s silent, you don’t have to interact, you get into your own cosy little bubble and float away but as soon as you leave the class it’s noisy, it’s stressful, people are demanding your time, your attention, the pressures on and the bubble is burst, you plummet into the real world. Back to the yoga class next week you think, so long as you get your weekly fix you can survive.


What am I babbling on about? Well, training in martial arts at Cross Combat builds your confidence in your abilities to deal with people. You train at your own rate and gradually you develop the ability to handle greater and greater levels of toughness with the same relaxed and focused mind. You become more relaxed in competitive and combat situation when the pressure is on; the more relaxed you become, the easier it gets to deal with people and stressful situations in daily life. It’s a wonderful circle of true relaxation. At Cross Combat you’re constantly interacting with someone; you're testing your logic, your rationale, your intelligence, your fitness and your instincts and ability to remain calm in seemingly frantic situations.  


Do you want self defense ability?


Over and over again we've witnessed self defence classes where someone wrist-locks their attacker's arm and heroically dislodges the knife from their hand.  Or they throw the attacker to the ground in one swift, graceful move.   If you've read this far, I'm quite sure that you are aware that it is extremely unlikely you'll manage that in any attack when you're scared.


So what’s the answer?  Well I’ll use one word to describe it. Aura. What is  "aura"?  Well, doing stuff at the edge of your comfort zone, like wrestling guys for instance, helps you to grow a priceless inner confidence.  And this relaxed confidence, which keeps growing the better you get, translates into a good presence. Combine this with the increased fitness, better understanding of body mechanics and the actual experience of playing fight like games with people at each class and you will develop your self defence skills better than than you would practising any wrist-twisting move.


An attacker smells fear, attackers attack people who looks and move like prey. If your not afraid of people, if you don’t walk around looking over your shoulder it’s unlikely you’ll get attacked.


Why is that?


It’s simple, your not prey, your not that kind of animal. At Cross Combat you will learn to walk around confidently and calmly like a lioness chilling in the savanah sun. She looks chilled, she looks happy, she’s soft and you’d love to cuddle her, she’s gentle and caring to her cubs but you would never take her on would you? She’s instantly recognisable as a predator, she looks and moves like a predator. she’s confident and isn’t afraid. You could have never seen a lion before in your life but I bet that even then you would instantly recognise that she is not the animal you want to hunt. I reckon that radiating this same peaceable confidence is the biggest reason I've stayed safe over the years.  


Why is today such a great time to take up martial arts at Cross Combat?


We live in a great time and place. Women are excelling in arenas which were once male-only and we're having a heck of a lot of fun doing it! Women are adding new dimensions to the games of Politics, Poker, Maths, Chess, Indy Car Racing, Computing,  and so on. Martial arts is no exception.  


As women in the western world, we now have the freedom to do so much. Take this new found freedom embrace it and run with it. You can become just as proficient as the guys and when you are you will become a role model for other aspiring female martial artists. You will be living, breathing ass kicking proof that women can excel in the martial arts.


If you're an amazing, independent, driven women come train and excel.  If you're not sure you're amazing yet... please come along, join in, play, learn, grow and have fun, very soon you will become amazing. You develop the attributes of those you spend the most time with. If you train with the lovely people at Cross Combat you will soak up awesomeness I guarantee it. 


If the nineties was the decade of the sensitive man in touch with his feminine-side then I think this decade is the sensitive woman in touch with her masculine side.   None of that tough feminist bravado.  We're soft, we're beautiful...let's just enjoy being free to relax and play like men. Unrestricted, unrestrained and ever calculating. Let's bring our greater suppleness and flexibility to the mat and take martial arts to the next level.


Here’s a little bonus reason to train that might interest you ;)


I’m loathed to tell you this.  It's like giving out the location of your favourite restaurant on a popular forum.  

Over the years, I've been to many martial arts clubs in many disciplines, hence I speak with first-hand authority when I say that in general MMA guys are simply fitter. So if none of the other amazing reasons to train really do it for you, just come check out the guys anyway.


If you want all these amazing benefits in your life don’t put it off another day. Have them now! Click here