Why Train Here

10 Reasons to Join Cross Combat


  1. Our teachers are great teachers, not just great competitors.  (Though they're actually both, of course).

  2. Our competition record is just staggering.

  3. We guarantee the fastest progression of any martial arts club around.

  4. We have around 30 hours of training available per week - in the morning, afternoon and night time.  Pick 'n' mix.

  5. You'll get fit and slim, both while having a right giggle.

  6. In fact. you will develop a skill and get fit.  Two for the price of one.  Why just get fit?

  7. There's none of that over-formalised, bowing to your sensei nonsense.  We like to have a laugh and we "show our respect" simply by being friendly.

  8. We teach scientifically - you get good just by showing up.

  9. In fact, we're the only Accelerated Learning club you'll find.

  10. We're the kind of club with more than just 10 reasons!

  11. Our Coaches will remember your name immediately (or as best we can) it won't take 6 years for you to be noticed and made welcome.

  12. All equipment is provided.

  13. Smack bang in the centre of Edinburgh. 

  14. Even little guys learn to beat big guys.  No, really.  No, really really.

  15. Just talk to us and you'll be "one of the guys".  The "hierarchy" is that simple.

  16. We genuinely care for your health and safety.  We'll tell the bully boys to keep you healthy.  If they don't, we boot them.

  17. Meet real men (ladies only) (probably).

  18. Take part in exciting, realistic, rumbles - but while staying safe and healthy

  19. We have a sensible warmup, (not a pointlessly lengthy, stupidly exhausting, conditioning style warmup).

  20. Loads of social time - it's like mucking around with your mates but while getting a valuable skill at the same time.

  21. Where else could you get so much fun per hour for this price?