As we all know, the splits have many practical uses.

Splits, High Kicks & Flexibility


This class does exactly what it says on the tin.


You'll develop your splits, you'll improve your high kicks, and you'll gain general flexibility.


"But I can't even touch my toes."

"I've just got tight tendons."

"My whole family's got short hamstrings."


Bollocks.  You just haven't been to these classes.


The splits are are not only cool but, if learned correctly, training for the splits is an incredible way to gain strength, to balance your body out and to rid yourself of a lot of the niggling pains that you thought were inevitable.


Some people manage to slide into the splits just by relaxing in front of the telly and saying, "look, this is how you do the splits".  For others (for most of us) something a lot more clever is required.


The methods of training we use are crazily modern and you most definitely won't have seen them before.


This class is a workout.  You'll sweat, you'll get your heartrate up, it'll maybe even tire you out a bit.  This isn't a "lean left, lean right" class.  You'll be building muscular strength and endurance and that'll require effort.


So come.  Because the effort is worth it and, more importantly, it's waaaay more fun that stretching alone.


(And, yes, you can do this at whatever age you are.  9 year old girls can get the splits watching the tele but the rest of us need these classes - and by that I mean *everyone* else.)


Bring your tightness - then leave it behind.