"You pay now!"

The Fast & Convenient Sign-Up-Now Option

You are right!  It's 2014. The future is here.  It's now. You are living it. You want things now. That's why we are delivering you the 'Buy now' option.


You probably don't enjoy carrying the queen's face about, and find the burden of paper on your body too much. You prefer to push buttons and accomplish great things here and now. You like services to be convenient, quick and reliable.


This is why we'veve provided you with the safe, easy and ridiculously fast option of signing up right here. Right now.


Where? Right here.


When? Right now.


Extra awesomeness:


  • NO Joining Fee
    It's absolutely free to join. How rude it would be to charge people for such things. Cross Combat is a place where we welcome you absolutely free of charge.

  • NO Cancellation Fee
    Again, it would be like dealing with a crazy ex. We'd much rather be friends, stay in touch and that you visit occasionally. At the very least, we'd expect to say 'Hello' on the street.

  • NO Admin Charges
    Don't be daft. We don't even have administrative staff!  But if we did, we wouldn't be able to offer such a fantastic price on our membership fees.


  • Guaranteed Joy
    That's right. If you sign up here and now, you can come along and try your first week for free.


  • Consider it a down-payment on awesomeness.



Words to stick in:

Single best offer.

Available now.

​So go on, sign up now.  Get it while it's hot.