Pad Thai - It's only slightly different.

Muay Thai Padwork


So you want to hit things, huh?  And you want to hit them as hard as you can and not get hit back?  And what's more you want to push yourself and your fitness to their absolute peak potential?


Well that's great, because this class is for you.


Of course you won't just hit things willy nilly - oh no, no, no.  You'll develop fantastic fighting skill at the same time.  That's 2 for the price of 1 fighting-fitting action.


Yes, this is proper Thai-style Muay Thai training, it's everything you'd require to prepare for your next fight, it's what you need to become an excellent striker, it's everything you'd do in a Thai training camp - just without the hard contact and the 5am, 10 mile runs.


In fact you will


  • Learn proper, technical, fighting skills.


  • Develop excellent combos.


  • Punch, kick, knee and elbow.


  • Hell, you'll even do a few spinning moves for the hell of it too.



But best of all you *will* get superbly, incredibly fit.


Our Muay Thai Padwork classes are about fitness, fun, and feeling like a fighter.  You'll kick things hard and fast.  You'll hit things hard and fast.  You'll dance on your feet a little and then you'll do it all again.  You'll work out like they do in those motivational highlight videos you see on youtube.  This is Rocky shit, right here.


And you'll do pressups, squats and burpees just to make sure you're trying,  Just to make sure you really are one fit mother funker.  Just to make sure you're living your very own highlight reel.

Sounds tough?  Damn right it's tough.  But don't worry, you'll get a rest when it's your turn to hold the pads.


Except... no you won't...


Because, that's right, this is some high-level shit right here.  You'll feel the thrill of pad-work done well.  This is not a static workout.  This is a back and forth workout battle, where the person wearing the pads challenges themself and their partner in a battle of the fighty-fittest.


One more thing...


Flexibility.  Who doesn't dream of having the ability to perform elegant, high kicks and full splits?

Well guess what, you'll work on that too.  You'll soon me touching your nose to your ear and your elbow to your bum.



What?  You want another list?  Ok then.  One more but then it's time to train...


  • Abs.


  • Speed.


  • Fitness.


  • Combos.


  • Technical awesomeness.


  • Powerful, powerful kicks.  And punches.


  • Thai-style training without the cheap booze, STDs and time off work.


  • Practice the power moves you can’t use in friendly sparring.  BOOM!  Take that Mr Pad!


And best of all...


  • Experience what "going 5 rounds" really feels like - without the fear or consequences of actually going 5 rounds!!




Bring a towel, you'll need it to mop that brow of yours.


And bring a friend.  You'll need a witness to verify just how damn hard you trained.  No-one's going to believe you did that!!!


Wait?  What's that?  Do you have to be super fit already to come along?

Hell no.  You just have to be willing to let super, crazy fitness come to you.


"Hello, Super Crazy Fitness.  How are you?  Yeah sorry about that, I didn't hear you come in.  Whats that?  What these abs?  Oh yeah, they're mine all right...  All bought and paid for."

See you there.  It's gonna be great.