MMA Pads Workout


It’s not Just a Workout


We already have the Thai Pad Workout classes where you can hit, kick, knee and elbow things as hard as you damn well please.  Not only is the TPW great for fitness, but it improves your striking technique a ton.  To hit hard you have to hit correctly and that, along with sweating your belly off, is what this class is all about.


But pads don’t hit back – and maybe you like being hit back; it makes it more real after all.



It’s not Just Sparring


And that’s where our regular hitty-kicky Boxing/Kickboxing classes come in.  In those you learn to strike moving people, you learn to get out of the way of their incoming attacks, you learn to attack while staying safe and moving about.


But safety’s important – and because being knocked out and having a broken face is of very limited daily value – in those classes you play a game of “tactical tig”.  It’s real boxing/kickboxing … but without the brain damage.



It’s Like Cheating


But what if you want to attack with all your power, *while* being attacked back – like with real fighting - but (and here’s the good bit) while staying safe and neurologically intact?


What if you could hit your opponent as hard as you jolly well wanted without ever causing him any damage… and in return he only ever hit you gently?


And yet it felt like you’re really fighting…?


Well guess what…?


Our Pads for Fighting classes are just for you.



It's Amazing


When Roddie showed me the plans for the class he told me “it’ll probably take two or three years to get this good” and so I told him there and then, “I’m not having that shit.  I need you to get them that good in 2-3 months and it needs to be a helluva lot more exciting”.


“It’s just not possible” he told me and gave me all the reasons why.  So I ignored what he said, ignored what had been done before, Cross Combatified the whole thing and we came up with a completely new class and, if I may, I’d like to make up a quote from Roddie:


“OMFG, William.  I’m blown away.  Seriously.  It took me years to get to the level I’m at, but now I’m seeing more progress in my students in just a few hours than I used to see in months before.  I didn’t believe you at first, but you’re right.  Your method of teaching is incredible”.


It's Popular


And here are some words from one of his students:


“Pads for Fighting is like sparring at warp speed.  The onslaught of information is so fast you just don’t have time to think, you’re just reacting and improving and you’re quite literally better after every round.  But not just better at this.  I went back to regular sparring right afterwards and felt like we were sparring in slow-mo.  I saw angles and opportunities I’d never seen before – in some ways it felt like an unfair advantage.  It was incredible.”


And another:

“I always hated striking but this was great fun.  It’s converted me.  I’ll definitely do this again.”


And another:

“That was brilliant.  It felt just like real sparring but without the sore head afterwards.”


“I loved training with Roddie.”

“That’s one hell of a workout.  It’s intense – but it’s soooo much fun.”



It's Like This...


So what’s involved?


Well, two things:


1) You attack the pads and the pads attack you.  Through our clever methods and Roddie’s impressive teaching and passion for getting you better, you’ll rapidly gain an incredible confidence in your defence, your counter-offence will flourish and your attacking skills will shine like a pimp’s new shoes.


2)  You will learn to hold pads like a god.  You’ll learn to be the pad guy who gets your partner good in tiny time.

But more, so much more, you’ll learn to not only see offences, counter offences and strategies like you’ve never seen before, but you’ll get good at them too – all from the safe and dominant position of being the pad guy.


This is not like a normal pad class.  This is Pads for Fighting.  It’s pad fighting on warp speed.


Come along now.

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays



All members are welcome.  All new students are welcome.

And yes, it’s included in your Day Pass or Regular Membership.


Come now.  Get a head start.  Be the best.