Find us.

Can you see that wee red marker between the two blue cars?
That's where our door is.


Which is to say: our door IS NOT round the back, past the bins, up a fire escape...

Where are we?




19 Leven Street, Tollcross, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 9LH


We're right above the Scotmid supermarket opposite the King's Theatre.


See that photo above?  See the red placemarker?  Our door is there.


There's an ATM.  Our door is juuuust to the left of that.

There are also some bike racks.  Our door is juuust to the right of them.


We're up some stairs and we're really, very lovely.  If the door is open, just pop on up.  You’re always most welcome.



Can you park near the gym?  Yes you can, and depending on the times you come you'll either have it for free or for not free.


I made a map for you showing all the parking areas, times and prices.


Even if you don't have a car, click the link because the damn thing took me ages to research and make.


Tollcross Parking Spaces

Directions from the Train Stations


Getting to the gym really is remarkably easy.  From most places in the centre of Edinburgh you can get to us by walking in just a straight line or two.


If you're walking from Haymarket Station, for example, go straight, take one right turn, go straight again.  You're there.  Easy.


From Waverley Station go straight, turn left, go straight again and you're there.  Super, super easy.  That's one left turn, folks..


Below are some routemaps so you can see how easy it is to get to us.


From Haymarket Station


From Waverley Station


From Dalkeith Road

(For if you're coming from oota toon)


See?  Straight lines.



If you still can't find us...

Read this page again, you've clearly misread something!!

Could you give some local landmarks?




We’re above the Scotmid supermarket on Leven Street.


We're opposite the King’s Theatre on Leven Street.


That's in the Tollcross area.




This is just up from the Cameo Cinema on Home Street.

Which is just up from the Odeon Cinema on Lothian Road.


If you’re coming from Princes Street, you’ll pass a few cinemas.



It’s beside The Meadows.  A big park in Edinburgh.


It’s between Tollcross and Bruntsfield.



The nearest pubs are:

Bennets Bar

The Cuckoos Nest

The Blackbird (formerly The Auld Toll),

How about Buses?
Do you know of Any Buses?


Yes.  Here are a list of all the buses to the area - all coming to within a few seconds or a couple of minutes walk of the gym.


Lothian Buses:

1, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 23, 24, 24a, 27, 35, 45


MacEwan Buses:

100, X100, 101, 199



Where do they stop?


Right in front of Cross Combat (both directions)
Lothian Buses     11  15  16  17  23  45  N16  N11
MacEwan Buses  100  X100  101
At the Cameo Cinema - 2 mins away
Lothian Buses     10  27
Brougham Street - 4 mins away
Lothian Buses     24  24A
Lauriston Place - 4 mins away (coming from Princes Street)
Lothian Buses     35
Lothian Road - Opposite Woolworths - 6 minutes away
MacEwan     199
Lothian Road - The Filmhouse Cinema - 8 minutes away
Lothian Buses     1



For more bus help...


If none of those buses are any use to you, go to the following link for Lothian Buses to work out your journey for you.


Lothian Buses Journey Planner