Hire Our Gym

If we have a gap on our timetable, you can probably hire our gym


Yeah, you’re right. The gym does look like a lovely place to train. Whether for dancing, T’ai Chi, gymnastics or Tang Soo Do. With all those windows it’s very fresh, airy and bright – and in the summer mornings when the sun comes strolling in, it really is just blissful.


If you’ve checked our timetable you’ll see that we’re pretty busy pretty often – certainly our weekday evenings are all booked up.



But if you’re interested in using our space during mornings, day-times or weekends then get in touch. We’ll make efforts to accommodate you.



Of course it’s not just for martial arts and sports, but other activities too – pretty much whatever you think the space would be well used for, really.


Ours is one of the few fully-matted spaces in Edinburgh, so give us a go.

Hire a totally different Gym


If you’re trying to start a club or class - and if the times slots you wanted are taken already - you're probably wondering where else to look.  Unfortunately, you’ll normally get the same results elsewhere because, well... peak times are peak times.


Nonetheless, here are some other places to try (all with clickable links)  Who knows? Maybe a slot became available recently.


Those listed below are all more-or-less surrounding The Meadows area.  i.e. where we are.

If you know of any more or you'd like yours added, let us know and we’ll add them to the list.


Obviously, I have nothing to do with any of these premises, I'm just a lovely man providing some lovely links.


My pleasure.




Community Places


Studenty Places


Eric Liddell Centre

Counting House


Tollcross Primary

Crags Sports Centre

Dance Base


Sciennes Primary

Walpole Hall




Southside Commnunity Centre




Nelson Hall




Tollcross Central Hall




Tollcross Red Door Church






And here’s a great website where you can search the community centres of Edinburgh closest to your postcode:

Edinburgh Community Centres Directory


Also St Bride's Community Centre in Dalry.

(For some reason I can't edit the table now.  That's why this one's here.)

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