Getting Started

So, you want to join us at Cross Combat, huh?  Quite right.  So what now?


Which class First?

All our classes welcome beginners all year round.  You can come to any class at any time of day and that will be a great place to start.

You are welcome to train in just one style, some of them or all of them.


Some people focus on one style for a period of time, then focus on another for a while.  Some like to do them all at once.  Some like to bounce around between them all depending on how they feel each day.  These are all great ways for a beginner to train too - we've produced many excellent practioners of each kind.


My general advice is to come to the first class you can get to that you'd like to attend.  If that doesn't sate you, I suggest you come today.  If you're still hungry for a decision, this flow chart will help you decide.


Feel free to sample all the classes like at a tasty buffet.  Or focus on one if you'd prefer.


How Many Classes per Week is best?

We aim to make sure you improve in every class so attending once per week will get you good.  To progress faster, attending more times per week will of course get you just that.


3x per week has always been my preference, but then it's my passion.

2x per week is standard for those who are keen but have other things to do.

1x per week is still enough to get you winning competitions after a period of time.

Train more than that, and you'll be a ninja in no time.  Possibly a tired ninja.


There's a simple correlation: the more classes people attend, the better they get at what they've practiced.  300 classes over 5 years gives roughly the same improvements as 300 classes done over 1 year


Generally, as long as you come at least once each week, it's enough to keep you motivated.