Facebook's Very Popular Isn't it?!

We have two places to keep abreast of our awesomeness on Facebook.

The Cross Combat Facebook Group


This is where we all "hang out".  It's the online social side of the gym - where "social" means "sociable".


It's where our members say the occasional word about fighting, invite you to parties and bingo nights, and it's where we'll post the best Ninja Cat videos we can find.


It's for when you're into the people who do the things at Cross Combat - or would like to be.


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Share us on Facebook


If you like the sound of Cross Combat, share us with your friends.  We're like a big box of Christmas Sweets - there's plenty to go round and the fun is in the sharing.


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The Cross Combat Facebook Page


This is the straight side of Cross Combat's social presence.  It's where "social" means "involving social networks."

This is where you'll get the more serious Cross Combat news.  Martial arts related videos, ideas, competitions, results.


It's for when you're into the things that Cross Combat does - though I'll be honest, we don't do a lot of marketing so it'll be pretty quiet in this one.


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