Equipment Required

For Fighting Folks
(Flip-flops are totally optional)

For Fighting Fires

We provide everything but the dish.

"No, no.  I believe they're 16oz, I just don't want you wearing them to spar..."

Shorts and t-shirt.


That's it.  It's that easy.  Just shorts and t-shirt.


You wouldn't believe the number of back-and-forth emails I've had from people asking me, "trainers...?  Will I need trainers?" followed by, "Oh, then how about a hat?"

Folks, you worry too much.  If you don't need your trainers, socks, jacket or hat wherever you go, you can just take them off!



"Can I complicate that, please?"

Of course you can... and I know, I know... I said, "just shorts and t-shirt" but surely I didn't mean for you. You're going to a special class on the timetable that I forgot all about, right?


No.  No you're not.  And no I didn't.  


We like to make Cross Combat as plug'n'play as possible so the only "equipment" you need to bring along is the clothes you want to train in.


If you don't want to wear shorts, wear some sort of sporty trousery things instead.  Have a blast, get a whole new wardrobe - it's your fashion, make it your own.


"Can I Bring Other Stuff, Please?"


Yes, of course you can bring your favourite things.


If you have your own equipment that you like to train in or with, bring it along.


If you're worried you might bring along something cumbersome and discover you don't need it, perhaps read our page on The Benefits of No-Gi.  If it's cumbersome, you don't need it - but you can still bring it if you want to.


"Should I bring my gumshield?"

Likewise, f you're wondering if you should bring along something that's about the size of a packet of Tic-Tacs but you're worried you won't need it... you should relax.  In fact you should bring piles of tiny, almost weightless things just to get the experience of nothing bad happening.



Things We Provide


Boxing Gloves

MMA Gloves

Shin Guards


Boxing Helmets


Thai Pads

Focus Mits

Skipping Ropes


Drinking water


Things We Sell


Hand wraps - for boxing (£5)

Mouth guards - for protecting your teeth (£3)

Protective tape - (£3)


Protein Bars - (£2/3)

Coconut Water - (£1.50 - £2.50)


Cross Combat T-Shirts (£16.50)



Things You Can Bring If You Want


Your own gloves

Your own pads

Your own whatever really


However, if you bring gloves that are basically just bricks wrapped up in a pretty oufit, we'll have you wear ours instead - no matter how excited you were to get such sexy gloves for less than a fiver.

Just come along and Have Fun


It really is that easy.

And what's more, we do our best to make it that easy.  And so it is.