Wullie's Core Blast

Does your lower back get sore when you stand around or walk too far?


Do your knees buckle in when you squat or knock together when you walk?


Do you slouch in a chair because sitting upright is just too much work?


Do you get a pain in your shoulders sometimes?


Do your feet point outwards like a duck's?


Do your knees hurt after you run?

Can you barely even touch your toes?


Do you find that no matter how much you stretch, you just don't get flexible?



If you answered "yes" to one, some or all of the above, you really do need Wullie's Core Blast.


In fact, even if you didn't, the chances are that you still need it - it's just not become obvious yet.  Pretty much everyone you know has a weak core, they just haven't noticed - or they have, but they haven't made the link.  "Surely everyone's hamstrings get tight when they go for a run..."


The problem


Most of us sit or slouch around more than we should and this has repercussions.  Quite simply, pretty much everything gets ruined and we don't function correctly.

We get sore knees when running and we think we need better shoes when, in reality, our core is weak, our legs are moving at the wrong angle, and it's like cycling with bolts so loose our wheels are squint.


We get a sore back when we stand around and we think it's the standing or the shoes or the "tight back" that's to blame - when really we just don't have enough strength in our trunk to hold our body where it needs to be held.


This weakness spreads out further.  If we can't hold ourselves stable, other muscles will tighten to make sure we don't put outselves in positions we're not safe to be.  Hamstrings get tight, shoulders get tight, before you know it we're moving like a bundle of sticks and start saying, "my calves have always been tight".


Believe me, I know...



Not so long ago, I couldn't even touch my knees let alone my toes and I was scheduled for a knee surgery - which I decided to avoid.  Since then I've whiled away the years trying to get things right.  I went nuts on the yoga, had countless massages, did the pilates, had the physio and chiropractic sessions, lifted the weights and eventually... with time... it became clear...


What I came up with was no different to what anyone else had come up with except for one thing - mine worked.


It's the same information, the same ideas, the same theories... but finally I was moving correctly.  Finally, no matter how much I abused my body, my toe touch remained present.  Finally, the back pain was gone.


And it took just weeks.



Get the results you need in no time....



The first time you try a core blast, you'll probably find it tough to even finish.  But if you can't finish it, you know you've got a problem.  It's not meant to be tough, it's not meant to exhaust you... but Wullie's Core Blast is as much a test as it is an exercise.  If you can't do it, you need to do it.


Most people notice themsevles moving differently even adter their very first class but I'll say this:


Within 10 sessions you will notice a difference.

Within 20 sessions you will be shocked by the change.

Within 30 sessions you will have a new body for life that opens up an entire new world.



What does it involve?



Wullie's Core Blast is not just hundreds of situps and leg raises done till exhaustion.  It's designed to hit your entire core... in such a way that each exercise sets your body up for the next exercise.  The benefits of one movement will help you perform the next movement better.


And by your entire core I mean all the supporting muscles.  You'll hit your abs, your transverse abs, your glutes, your ad-and abductors, your whole midsection will be reprogrammed, strengthened and improved.



If you want a 6 pack, get it scientifically... and in just 15 minutes a day



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