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Competition Results


Most clubs show off their *instructors* accolades.  What the hell for?!?!  That only tells you the instructor's a good competitor, it doesn't tell you he's good at creating competitors.

To be sure the teaching's good, you need to know the students do well too - because then you'll know you do well too...!


So, we may not be famous, we may not try to be famous, we're relaxed, we're friendly, and we do most things very differently to any other club you'll find - we even emphasise fun and play over competeting and winning.


But with results like those below - whether you want to compete or not - it's pretty obvious that you'll get very good very quickly at Cross Combat... and you've have a great time doing it.

GF Team No-Gi
Oct 2015

GF Team No-Gi Championship

November 2015


After dominating every competition we touched between 2008 and 2013 (as you'll see below) we took a bit of a hiatus, changed the club a bit, mixed things around, focussed on different things for a while and started all over again.

Here's us sticking our toe back in the competiton waters.


7 Competitors - 11 Medals


**Elite **

u75kg - Silver



u85kg - Gold + Sliver



u85kg - Gold + Bronze

u75kg - Silver



**Elite Open Weight**



**Advanced Open Weight**

Gold + Bronze


**Intermediate Open Weight*

Gold + Bronze



4 Golds

3 Silvers

4 Bronzes

Scottish NOGI Open
Nov 2012

Scottish NOGI Open

November 2012


13 Compeitiors - 19 Medals


**Elite **

Gold + Silver


**Elite Open Weight**

Gold + Silver




u85.5kg - Gold

u79.5kk - Gold + Silver + Bronze

u97.5kg - Gold

^97.5kg - Gold


**Intermediate Open Weight*

Gold + Silver + Bronze




u67.5kg - Silver + Bronze

u79.5kg - Silver

u85.5kg - Gold

u97.5kg - Gold + Silver



9 Golds

6 Silvers

2 Bronzes

GrappleFit No-Gi Grappling Cup
Nov 2010

GrappleFit No-Gi Grappling Cup

November 2010


This is where it all began.  From small but awesome acorns come large and even more awesome apple trees...  Kinda...



Openweight - Silver



+97kg - Gold

u85kg - Gold

u79kg - Bronze



2 gold

1 silver

1 bronze

Various Others
Then - Now
No Gi British Open
Sep 2013

No Gi British Open

September 2013


After these results, I figured we'd pretty much done all we set out to do.  What was there left to achieve?


So we stopped competing for a while and improved the club in loads of other areas instead (we're even funnier now, for instance, and there are more girls.)


3 Competitors - 3 Medals


Black Belt Category

u85kg - Bronze

u73kg - Silver + Bronze


+ BEST CLUB in the UK

(in the Black Belt Category ;-)

Vision No Gi Cup
Sep 2012

Vision No Gi Grappling Cup

Sep 2012


We were told this was a competition that "meant something".


So we won gold in every category we entered (except one).

(And that "one" was the only person from Cross Combat to lose to someone from another club - and so got silver).


10 Competitors - 14 Medals


**Advanced (3yrs+)**

u91 - Gold

u79 - Gold + Silver

u67 - Gold


**Intermediate (1-3 years)**

u79 - Gold + Silver

u73 - Gold


**Beginners (<1year)**

+97 - Gold

u85 - Gold

u79 - Silver



**Open Weight (2years+)**

Gold + Silver + Bronze 


**Open Weight (<2years)**





9 Golds

4 Silver

1 Bronze


Something cool to notice is that whenever someone didn't get a gold, it's only because they came second to another Cross Combat player. (Except that one...! :).


Also, we got gold in every category we entered. (Except one. That silver.)


Only our own members could beat us.  (Except one.  I forgive you, though.  It's *fine*...)


Most people "classed up".

I.e. people who'd trained for 2 years entered the 3+ year category.

People who'd trained for just 6 months entered the 1-3 year category.

Dundee Submission Wrestling Comp.
Nov 2011

Dundee Submission Wrestling Competition

November 2011


8 of our students entered.  1 person per category.  We won every category we entered... nearly...


(There were no experience levels - it was weight classes only.)


6 Competitors - 8 Medals


u65kg - Gold

u70kg - Gold

u75kg - Gold

u80kg - Gold

u85kg - Gold

u90kg - Silver


Open Weight - Gold + Silver




6 Golds

2 Silver

Various other Gi & No Gi Compeitions


Of course, it would be excessive to mention all the medals our members have won over the years so instead I've just mentioned the ones where we made a thing of it and had a "club day out".


We also win plenty of medals in Gi competitions, submission only competitions, and MMA.


In fact, in general, if one of our members wants to win a competition of any kind we support them in it and they generally do very well.  It's rare anyone from Cross Combat doesn't win a medal.