This timetable is always accurate.

Every class is always on.

Download/Print the Timetable


If you'd like to print out a copy of the timetable, download this pdf and print away

Android Timetable App for Your Phone


We don't have an actual Cross Combat timetable app yet (maybe one day), but you can make one by following these simple instructions.


1. Install "File Shortcut" by 75py

2. Download a picture of the timetable to your phone.

On your phone, long press the timetable above.  Select "save image".

(Or if you can't do that, you could download the .pdf image instead.)

3. Locate the download.

Search for the picture of the timetable in your phone. It's somewhere in Gallery or Downloads depending on your picture viewing software.

4.  Send it to the app you just downloaded.

I.e. Share via... File Shortcut
Depending on your phone you'll have a different way to select "Share via..." (Maybe it's at the top of the screen, maybe you press the three vertical dots, maybe you have to press an options button...) Whatever it is, do that.
Then choose: via File Shortcut.


From within the "File Shortcut" app:


5. Name your "Timetable App".

Change the shortcut name to whatever makes sense to you - "Cross Combat Timetable" perhaps.

6. Make an Icon

Select "Choose from Gallery and Crop Image" and then do just that.

7. Click OK

There is now an icon on your phone's desktop called whatever you called it. Press it.  It'll open the picture of the timetable.

8. You now have William's Awesome Cross Combat Timetable App on your phone and can view the timetable with just one touch of a button. Well done. Celebrate a little by opening and closing it a few times and dreaming about your next class..

9. Admire me.

20. Come to class.