Would you like to improve more in a month than most do in a year?



Would you like friends and classmates to be asking you how many YEARS you've been training, when you've only been training for WEEKS?



Would you like to massively improve your chances of WINNING in COMPETITION without training 5 hours a day?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, private tuition is for you.



If you’re into grappling, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, or just plain ol' fitness - or you’d like to be - with Cross Combat's 1-on-1's you will see, feel and get incredibe, rapid results that will quite simply blow your mind.


If you train with us you WILL improve quickly.  You must be willing to let that happen.



So what makes our 1-on-1's better than normal trainer's?


Well, most instructors simply show you a few moves and take your cash - they exchange information for a few bits of paper - and then you're left with the job of turning that information into something useful all on your own.

Or they leave you to be as hopeless and unmotivated as you were when you came in.


But you don't get information from us.

First we will work to fire your passion, to get you excited to work hard and progress quickly.  We're experienced in being motivated by sport, we'll teach you how to be too.

Second you will get skills.  You will rapidly develop the skill, the feeling, the sensation, the confidence and the ability to do the things you couldn't do before.  You won't walk away with a knowledge of what you "should do", or what you "should practice".  Instead you'll walk away with an ability.  An ability to do everything we just gave you.



That's why one session will easily benefit you as much as a couple of weeks of regular training.


And you should remember that a couple of weeks of training at Cross Combat is more beneficial than a couple of months of training at most gyms.



Who takes privates?


Absolute beginners

If you want to start training at Cross Combat and would like to get a running start, then private sessions are just the thing.


If it’s just an overview you want so you can remove any initial confusion you might have and replace it with a good, solid confidence in what you're doing then 3-5 one-to-ones would be just perfect..


But if you really want rapid progression then book a cluster of 10 hours - in that time you will pick up enough skills to really hit the ground running.  You will notice a profound difference in your sparring, your understanding and even your rate of learning.


More than that, after your 1-to-1 sessions you will get much, much more out of the regular classes than you ever could have done before.  They're the lessons that keep on teaching.


Our goal is to get you 6 month's to 1 year's skill in 10 sessions.  Why not do it now?



Semi-Experienced Players


If you’re relatively new to any of the arts we teach and you don’t train with us already, you will probably have a technique or attribute based game.  Which is to say you will be going for certain “moves” or you will be using a lot of strength or explosiveness to survive/win.


Learning the skills first is a valuable time saver and often I find myself teaching blue belts (even purple and brown belts) these things too and of course they are always very appreciative.

The advantage of being a higher grade is that you will tend to pick up these things a lot faster than beginners and so will have the potential to massively change your game in a very short time.


Once you have gained some of the skills I teach, you will now need to improve your competence at them.  Those new skills will just need sharpened, you won’t need new ones for a while.


Depending on various factors, you may prefer to practice your skills with other club members, or you may prefer to keep practicing with me.  There are obvious benefits to both.


MMA Fighters


I have trained several mma fighters in various aspects of their fights.  Lately I have found that I am more used for “game analysis” than anything else.  Many talented fighters have sub-par gameplans.  And worse, many talented fighters have uncaring coaches who are just happy to have someone representing their club in an event.


A fighter will come to me with their game plan and together we will work on making it a reality or, just as often, rip it apart and start again with a different plan all together.


I will have a look at videos of your previous fights or your opponent’s previous fights, figure out what needs done and see where we can go from there.


From there I will either train you myself in certain areas or I will hook you up with other people who will.



But I should warn you, here at Cross Combat we're very passionate about getting results.  Tuition with us isn't for those who want to look like they're trying, or who want to tell their friends they have a personal trainer but who don't worry about results.

1-to-1 Tuition

Expertise is more learning how to perceive than it is knowledge